10 Best Swim Instructors in Louisiana!

Ready to perfect your swimming skills or begin your journey into learning how, Louisiana is a great place to find some extraordinary swim instructors. From Prairieville to West Monroe, check out these ten best swim instructors ready to build your confidence and ability. Get out there and take a dip!

Tadpole Academy Swim School, Prairieville, LA

This swimming instructor is revolutionizing the way children are taught to swim! By utilizing a prone positioning method and a huge safety component, children are learning the essential skills to swim at astonishingly young ages. With these lessons, not only will they learn how to swim but also how to save themselves if they fall into a body of water by accident.

Northshore Swim, Mandeville, LA

Northshore Swim is proud to have their brilliant swim instructors! With years of experience in the water safety and sport instruction arenas, they are dedicated to helping infants, children, and adults of all ages become confident and safe in the water while growing their love for the sport. Dive into the deep blue sea with Northshore Swim!

JUMP! Swim Schools Shreveport, Shreveport, LA

JUMP! Swim Schools Shreveport, Shreveport, LA Jump Swim is the perfect environment for all ages to learn to swim and stay safe in the water. With 90-degree water and a small center, there's no better place to teach young swimmers the importance of water safety. Plus, with only two classes at a time, they'll be able to easily pay attention and maximize their learning potential! Extremely experienced swim instructors are there to guide you.

Harry's Dive Shop, Metairie, LA

Harry's Dive Shop offers something unique: an experienced team of knowledgeable dive instructors. Under their expert guidance, you will learn all the skills needed to become an adept swimmer. Let their knowledgeable team show you the way!

Terri's Swim Academy, Shreveport, LA

This swimming instructor can't be beat! They have experience teaching everyone from the youngest of 3-year-olds to adults who are looking to learn a valuable, lifelong skill. It's never too late to learn to swim, and their instructor will make sure you gain the confidence and expertise you need to be a master of the water. Don't wait; dive into a class today!

Crawfish Swim School, Baton Rouge, LA

The swimming instructor at Crawfish Swim School is passionate about providing swimmers of all ages and backgrounds with the essential skill of swimming. With love, compassion, and empathy, They guide swimmers through the process of mastering this life-changing skill.

Leaps & Bounds Sport Center, Denham Springs, LA

The swimming facility ensures the utmost attention to safety is given; its instructors and deck managers are First Aid and CPR certified, having undergone extensive training from their Swim Director. A top priority at the facility is the highest standard for drowning prevention and water safety, and the most alert staff make sure these are achieved. The safety of your children is always at the forefront of their minds.

Buccaneer Villa North Swim & Tennis Club, Chalmette, LA

Buccaneer Villa North Swim & Tennis Club is a private retreat ready for all types of swimmers. From beginner to expert, their qualified instructors will help you navigate the water while having a great time. Enjoy leisurely swims or work on those swimming skills with an opportunity to become a pro.

C B Pennington Jr YMCA, Baton Rouge, LA

C B Pennington Jr YMCA, Baton Rouge, LA Their swim instructors are here to make a serious splash! Students of all ages and skill levels can learn to stay safe around water while perfecting their swimming techniques. With nationally certified instructors in CPR, AED, First aid, and Oxygen Administration, the YMCA is the perfect place to get your swim on and pick up some essential life skills. Don't miss your chance to make a splash!

The Wellness Center, West Monroe, LA

This aquatic activity offers a private experience designed to suit any swimmer's goals. Get one-on-one time with a qualified instructor to brush up on your skills. Kids can also take advantage of the tailored swim lessons.

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