The 10 Best Taco Places in Louisiana!

The taco is a simple, yet delightful food that can be served in a seemingly endless variety of ways. You can find something for everyone with tacos, whether you enjoy authentic Mexican fare, tacos with flavors from across the globe, or those influenced by the chef’s hometown. The tacos that truly stand out always feature the freshest ingredients, used in perfect proportions. Here are the 10 best taco places in Louisiana where you can find a great blend of all kinds of tacos.

1. The Rum House, New Orleans, LA

Featuring Caribbean-style tacos, this whole restaurant’s atmosphere is inspired by the islands. Providing an escape form the day-to-day city life in New Orleans, this place has great big plates, appetizers, sandwiches, and more. Though the crowds keep pouring in because of their diverse Caribbean-style taco menu. Louisiana inspired tacos include the fried oyster taco, oil spilled fish taco, and the Creole rib that is sizzled in a spicy Creole tomato sauce then topped with cilantro along with a roasted poblano pepper. Other favorites include the lamb vindaloo as well as the Carolina, which combines pulled pork, jalapeno slaw, spicy vinegar barbeque sauce, and a roasted corn relish. Having over a dozen different tacos to try as well as a hefty beverage menu it is tough to go wrong at this fun place on Magazine Street in the Crescent City.

2. Taco Chops Cantina, Baton Rouge, LA

This one-of-a-kind restaurant is owned by three brothers in Baton Rouge, who grew up in Mexico. Taking the authenticity of real Mexican cuisine combined with some of their own flair, they have created some interesting creations full of delicious flavors. No hard-shell tacos or ground beef are served at this unique stand. Instead tacos like the steak asada, fillet of fish, and chorizo con papas take the cake for authentic style tacos. However, the shrimp is sautéed in real cream butter sauce and garlic, while the buffalo chops taco is made with chicken that has a secret tangy barbeque sauce. From their amazing tacos to their delicious appetizers, and quesadillas everything at Taco Chops is different. That is what makes it so great!

3. Victoria’s Taqueria, Lake Charles, LA

This old-school taqueria has a simple, yet authentic selection. Housed in an old gas station it serves breakfast and lunch tacos. Having rave reviews this place does not ever seem to disappoint. They have all your different traditional kinds of meats including pastor (seasoned pork), carne asada (beef), barbacoa, lengua de res (beef tongue), picadillo (ground beef & potatoes), molida (ground beef), and desebrada de rez (shredded beef). Customers get a choice of either a corn or flour tortilla. Try a lunch plate if you are really hungry or simply get more tacos. Breakfast serves up lots of breakfast tacos such as bacon & egg. Check out this tiny taco shack in Lake Charles for a real experience in Mexican flavor. 

4. Taqueria La Michoacana, Shreveport, LA

This taqueria in Shreveport means business. They serve up a genuine menu of Mexican cuisine that has guests going wild. The taco menu meets the rest of their cuisines standards. Having all the traditional styles from carnitas to pollo as well as pastor, it is tough to choose between all the choices. They are all serves on corn tortillas with cilantro, onions, lemon, and radishes on top. The suadera, beef rib meat, is a tasty specialty. However, if you are feeling adventurous try the sesos, or beef brain, tacos. The menu is vast and has a great seafood section if you are craving something a little more Louisiana inspired. 

5. Taco Sisters, Lafayette, LA

Sisters Molly & Katie Richard opened this popping taco shack in their hometown of Lafayette. Guests can either pick-up or dine in their beautiful garden that is lined with tables as well as umbrellas. This super-fast place claims to make the best tacos you’ve ever had, and in looking at their menu, it is no wonder they makes such claims! The signature fresh fish taco is soaked Louisiana Gulf yellowfin tuna that is smoked in house with a ginger glaze. On the other end of the spectrum is the smothered brisket taco that is roasted in spicy chipotle-adobe sauce until it falls apart. Every taco sounds just as delicious as the next and they even have a “Very Veggie Taco” for those not looking to consume meat. No frozen food is used at this friendly, fast, and downhome delicious taco shack in Cajun country. 

6. Juan’s Flying Burrito, New Orleans, LA

Calling themselves a Creole taqueria, Juan’s in Mid City has a vibrant atmosphere that guests have come to know and love. The bar is always hopping, serving up “Fly Dranks” and delicious signature margaritas, though the food itself is enough of a reason to go there in the first place. They serve up a blend of Tex-Mex drenched in New Orleans flare with a large taco menu prepared with love. If you’re looking for the classic taco simply order one of Juan’s Tacos that are served with beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and salsa la fonda. Though specialty tacos like the creole Gulf shrimp tacos, bahn mi tacos, and Caribbean-style fish tacos gather up a diversity of cultural influences form around the region to cook up truly distinguished tastes. If you are looking for some vegetables try the Mardi Gras Indian! At Juan’s there is character in every creation. 

7. Acme Taco and Burger, Lafayette, LA

This place is not your typical Mexican restaurant. First, guests choose their filling with choices between shredded pork, shredded beef, shredded chicken, roasted potato, grilled squash, or grilled tilapia. Streak, shrimp, and portabella mushroom are also available for $1 more. Then, pick how you want it. The “OMFG” has meat deep-fried in the shell, while the Maui Wowie is their Hawaiian taco. The Buffalo contains double battered chicken breast or shrimp only though is tossed in a delicate buffalo sauce with bleu cheese crumbles. If you’re looking for more of an authentic experience try the “Street” that is simply dressed with cilantro, onions, and lime with the protein of your choice. This place serves up a variety of tacos for both the traditional and non-traditional taco lovers.  

8. Del Fuego Taqueria, New Orleans, LA

Chef David Wright grew up in the heart of the Napa Valley in California. Wright has over 20 years of culinary experience between there and New Orleans, giving a breath of fresh air to the taco experience. This has resulted in Del Fuego Taqueria in serving some of the best tacos in the city using all fresh ingredients and expert preparation. Taco platters come with three tacos along with refried pinto beans and rice. All your favorite proteins are included with special toppings to accent each. The carne asada is topped with queso cotija as well as salsa verde, while the tinga de pollo has potato and pickled carrots. Using fresh gulf fish or shrimp for their seafood tacos makes for a lightly delicious meal as they are topped with cabbage and spicy mayonesa on flour tortilla. Del Fuego has gained quite the reputation in New Orleans. Visit them on Magazine Street for a truly authentic dining experience. 

9. Parish Taceaux, Shreveport, LA

This lively place sits in downtown Shreveport as a relatively new entity on the scene. Their selection is just as lively as the bar with some interesting picks that put a new spin on the taco. Some of the regional flavors include the crispy LA catfish taco that includes a smoky tartar sauce, the Bohemian Taceaux comes with a bourbon pear-slaw, and the fried oyster taceaux has warm ravigote, shredded lettuce, and smoky tartar. The Korean BBQ Taceaux and Alabama BBQ Chicken comprise of some more worldly selections. Though if you are hankering for some good old Tex-Mex try the Old School that has ground beef, lettuce, and shredded cheese all in a hard shell. The selection is endless and the flavors are everywhere at Parish Teceaux in Shreveport. 

10. Takiza Mexicana, Alexandria, LA

This place is well known as the best and most authentic taco spot in central Louisiana. This is another place where a simple menu of freshly made, well put together items goes a long way. The most basic is the La Crispy Taco selections that come with proteins like chile braised shredded beef, cumin poached chicken, adobo seasoned pork, or poblano vegetarian mix. Though some of the specials include the shrimp that has avocado dressing, red onion escabeche, and pico de gallo on a flour tortilla. The duck carnitas are another local favorite along with the raja fish tacos that come beer battered and fried with Mexican slaw on a soft corn tortilla. If you are really hungry, you can get the tacos al carbon plato. 

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