14 Most Romantic Places in Louisiana!

Some of the most treasured memories are those made with that special someone. Whether having dinner together, taking a stroll, or enjoying nature, different couples find many activities romantic. Many times, romance blossoms simply by taking the stresses of everyday life out of the equation and remembering how much love you share with the person right next to you. So, whether out for a night on the town or waking up early to take in the sunrise, here are some of the most romantic places in Louisiana. 

Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, New Orleans, LA

Adjacent to the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park lye, the Sculpture Garden is where sculptures of all kinds can be viewed during a nice, romantic stroll. A lagoon bisects the five-acre area creating two distinctly different spaces. One side is a mature pine and magnolia grove that is right by the museum, while the other is a more open setting that is towered over by 200-year-old oaks with Spanish moss. Now equipped with over 64 different sculptures, there is plenty to view in the garden. Some of the most notable statues include the Virlane Tower, L’Arbre aux Colliers (Tree of Necklaces), and Pablo Casal’s Obelisk. Couples often enjoy taking pictures in front of the Love, Red Blue statue as well. 

Polo Club Lounge at Windsor Court, New Orleans, LA

This lounge is located on the second floor of the Windsor Court Hotel, one of the finest hotels in downtown New Orleans. It embodies an English club being intimate, elegant, and tastefully decorated throughout. The finest of specialty cocktails are served throughout the evening with an array of appetizers and small plates available as well. Oxtail ragu poutine, crab & crawfish croquettes, and fish & chips are some of the plates that can be shared. Couples may also enjoy some of the best live jazz in the city five nights a week including the “Songbird of New Orleans” Robin Barnes. The hotel has one of the best views of downtown in the city. Just go up to the top to find out!

Café Degas, New Orleans, LA

This small café was named after the French Impressionist Edgar Degas. Started by French artist and restaurateur, Jacques Soulas, who came to the city in 1980, and his friend Jerry Edgar the pair wanted to have a restaurant that truly embodied Soulas’ homeland. Here diners can experience a French bistro atmosphere with a slight New Orleans touch. The owners say the small size only helps them by making them purchase fresh ingredients daily. The menu is in French with a delicate and thought-out wine selection. Sit on the patio and enjoy a nice bottle between two while enjoying some les moules au fenouil (mussels) for les hors d’oeuvres before a nice meal. 

International House Hotel, New Orleans, LA

This hotel strives to uplift the human spirit. As part of downtown New Orleans, this makes it a perfect fit for the city that will do just that. They have 117 rooms, suites, and penthouses available that were all designed by LM Pagano. The space is chic, elegant, yet cheerful all at the same time. Downstairs, the LOA Bar provides for a classy little bar where acoustic live music can be heard. New Orleans is known for their world-class cocktails and at LOA Bar they are especially delicious Just ask the bartender for a recommendation!

The Little Village, Baton Rouge, LA

Nestled in downtown Baton Rouge, this Italian restaurant serves up some of the best dishes in town with quality reliable service. They have classic Italian entrees like chicken piccatta and fettuccine alfredo, while serving up some Louisiana influence in the mix. The space has a true old world charm with a genuine southern allure. The restaurant started its recipe book in 1945 so it is no wonder they have so many wonderful dishes. For starters, try the Little Village Bread that was voted best bread in Baton Rouge by 225 Magazine.

Stay Fairfield, Shreveport, LA

As Shreveport’s first bed and breakfast guests are made to feel like they have stepped back into 1870 when entering this bed and breakfast. Built by Thomas Thompson Land, a Louisiana Supreme Court judge during that time, the property remained in the Land family for over 91 years. As Judge Land and his wife Mary Eliza Dillingham had 15 children over a 22-year period this is not actually that much of a surprise. Courtyards and patios surrounded by greenery make for relaxing areas to let it all go, while the contemporary amenities of private baths and Wi-Fi make it comfortable for the modern family. Muffins can be smelled cooking in the morning preparing for the complimentary breakfast that will be perfect before setting foot out into the shopping, bar, and dining areas of downtown Shreveport. 

Rip Van Winkle Gardens, Jefferson Island, LA

The subtropical gardens here overtake every aspect of the property that has a mansion, servant’s quarters, café and more. Built by Joseph Jefferson in the 1870, the 22-room Southern mansion is today available for tours. It sits over 350-year-old oak trees on top of the salt dome 75 feet above sea level. It represents the Victorian age of elegance with fine pieces of French and English empire furniture, old Louisiana paintings as well as lavish family portraits. Available for overnight stay are the Servant’s Quarters and Cooks Cottage that all come with king Louisiana French style beds. Guests can also catch a bite on the grounds at Café Jefferson. Equipped with a glassed-in porch that overlooks the gardens and Lake Peigneur, the café is open seven days a week.

American Rose Center, Shreveport, LA

These gardens are all about roses. Funded by the American Rose Society there are also guided tours available throughout the week. It is the nation’s largest park dedicated to roses and is also the headquarters for the society. Dedicated in 1974, the center today host over 65 different rose gardens with thousands of bushes and a few companion plants, sculptures, and fountains. The playground and picnic area make for convenient day trips to the park. 

Poverty Point Reservoir State Park, Delhi, LA

Overlooking the huge reservoir are four two-bedroom cabins that provide peace and tranquility. Literally being over the water, on the south shore of the lake these cabins provide for a romantic getaway immersed in nature where couples can let go of the rest of the world. Sunsets and sunrises over the lake are perfect to catch right on the front porch of the cabins that sit on the south shore of the lake. Bid watching is another favorite relaxing hobby for many visitors to the park along with visits to Poverty Point World Heritage Site. 

August, New Orleans, LA

August offers romantic dining like no other. Located in a historic French-Creole building, their appetizing dishes blend Louisiana ingredients and classical training. Step inside and be immersed in the warmth of a New Orleans night with a Creole-inspired touch. Let August take your senses on an unforgettable journey.

La Truffe Sauvage, Lake Charles, LA

This fine dining restaurant makes sure that the food, wine, dining, and service experience all come together to create one unique night. Using only the freshest seafood, best quality Angus beef, and fresh produce the establishment only uses the highest quality of ingredients. 

LSU Lakes, Baton Rouge, LA

These iconic lakes are the perfect place to go for a romantic stroll in Baton Rouge. The area was once Bayou Tupelo Swamp before Louisiana State University relocated to the spot in the 1920s. So even today beautiful bottomland hardwood forests remnants still grown in the lakes. Cypress trees with moss hanging down, while egrets slurp up tiny fish from the lakes. Sunsets are the best time to be at any of the different lakes that all have their own little special nooks. Two different beaches are located along the lakes that all come with bike and walking paths along the sides. 

Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA

For over a century the citizens of New Orleans have enjoyed this natural oasis in the city. Located in the historic Uptown neighborhood in the crescent city, this park has a two-mile loop that runs around the entire park. Since the park borders both St. Charles Avenue and Magazine Street visitors can take in the historic, radiant architecture of New Orleans. A pond with a tiny island lies in the middle of the park and makes for a great spot to feed the ducks and geese. All around are beautiful Oaks along with a delicately carved fountain overlooking St. Charles Avenue. A labyrinth is in the park across the fence from the Audubon Zoo. People can often hear the animals on the other side! Explore all the vast beauty and hidden treasures of Audubon Park. 

Hotel Bentley, Alexandria, LA

First constructed in 1907 by Joseph Bentley, this extravagant hotel has always epitomized luxury. Today it has a 96-room hotel along with an array of luxury condos that are perfect for a romantic getaway. The Mirror Room Lounge provides for a classy cocktail hour on leather sofas drinking signature drinks like the maple bacon old fashioned or the rosemary honey gin fizz. The Diamond Grill located within the hotel is loaded with high-class steaks, seafood, and more. The hotel is located right in the heart of downtown Alexandria where the Alexandria Museum of Art along with many shops and nightlife are available right outside the door.

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