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5601 Highway 90 East

Since the Zoo of Acadiana is an institution, which houses and maintains a varied collection of live animals, the primary must be to provide humane, professional care and management of those animals in keeping with the highest available standards including those accepted by the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums and such care will remain a long term commitment by this institution to each individual animal and to the species each represents.

The three main goals of the Zoo of Acadiana are, therefore:

1. to promote, effect and assist conservation efforts, especially for animal species of the world.

2. to provide, for everyone, an inviting, congenial and educational zoo environment in which they may see, enjoy and learn about some of the world and about conservation endeavors which we we espouse.

3. to constantly and consistently strive to develop and improve the professional excellence of all the zoo staff to better accomplish these goals.

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