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Haunted History Tours

97 Fontainebleau Drive

Make No Mistake! - If it doesn't say "Haunted History Tours," then ...  It Isn't The Original Ghost tours, Vampire tours , Voodoo tours, Cemetery tours, Underworld tours, and Garden District Tours of New Orleans!

Haunted History Tours is the company with the best selling book, "New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo & Vampires." This is the company with the chilling video documentary, "Journey Into Darkness...The Trilogy" (Ghosts-Voodoo-Vampires). This is the company with the reputation that makes these tours a MUST DO for anyone visiting and wish to tour New Orleans!

For the best New Orleans Tours which are mildly theatrical, hugely historical, and thoroughly entertaining, Haunted History offers a variety of daily and nightly tours that will leave you...SPELLBOUND!

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