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Make No Mistake! - If it doesn't say "Haunted History Tours," then ...  It Isn't The Original Ghost tours, Vampire tours , Voodoo tours, Cemetery tours, Underworld tours, and Garden District Tours of New Orleans!

Haunted History Tours is the company with the best selling book, "New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo & Vampires." This is the company with the chilling video documentary, "Journey Into Darkness...The Trilogy" (Ghosts-Voodoo-Vampires). This is the company with the reputation that makes these tours a MUST DO for anyone visiting and wish to tour New Orleans!

For the best New Orleans Tours which are mildly theatrical, hugely historical, and thoroughly entertaining, Haunted History offers a variety of daily and nightly tours that will leave you...SPELLBOUND!


Travis DeLong

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
My wife, daughter, and I took the haunted French Quarter night tour (8pm) guided by Ari. The tour was excellent and enjoyable by the entire family. The tour guide (Ari) was very entertaining and passionate about the stories told adding drama which lead our family wanting to hear more. I heard mixed reviews about haunted tours but I assure you this one is worth the money. The only negative is that the 2 hrs went by too quickly. Highly recommended for families visiting New Orleans.

Anna Reynolds

Friday, July 13, 2018
I admittedly am not a tour person. I prefer wandering cities on my own without a guide, without the company of others. That said, I cannot recommend Haunted History Tours enough. I went on Lisa's Vampire Tour and enjoyed it so much I went on her 5 in 1 Ghost & Mystery Tour the following day. Lisa has a unique way of presenting the history along with the myth in a manner that leaves one to speculate and draw their own conclusion of whether or not it was, indeed, the work of the supernatural or simply that the world's greatest monster is mankind itself. I recommend getting a glass of absinthe from the nearby Pirates Ally Cafe before your excursion for a truly Gothic experience as you immerse yourself in some of New Orleans' most infamous legends told in a way that is wholly captivating.

Courtney Tait

Friday, June 1, 2018
This was SO FUN! My husband and I took the 2:30pm Garden District Ghost Walking Tour with Drew on 1/15. It was phenomenal. Drew is incredibly passionate about this city and it absolutely shows. It’s a 2 hour tour and you explore a graveyard and walk around the historic neighborhood. It’s advertised as a “ghost” tour, and there are definitely ghosts. But what we truly loved about the tour is that we got such a rich history of the entire city and some awesome stories about the Garden District neighborhood. There’s also a bar stop in the middle and that made it even better. Drew is an excellent guide, he could answer any question we shot at him and he had fantastic recommendations for food/music/bars/stuff to do. We highly recommend this tour. If you’re visiting New Orleans this is a must-do. We’ll be taking another one of his tours when we come back!


Sunday, May 13, 2018
We had so much fun! Loved the Pub Crawl Tour and Drew was a fabulous guide. He was very informative and fun. Full of history and stories we never would have heard if we hadn’t gone in this tour. The group was big but it didn’t deter from it. We all had fun together and everyone in the group had fun. Loved all the different places Drew took us. We never would have know the history of these spots if not for his tour. We can’t wait to come back to New Orleans and stay at the hotel we stopped at on the tour.

Somerly Mustin

Saturday, July 21, 2018
We did the 5 in 1 tour with Matt Brown as our guide. Matt is a great storyteller, he actually made me jump a few times. This tour was fantastic and a great way to learn your way around the French quarter. I would definitely do another Haunted History Tour, especially if I could get Matt to do it.

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