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Audubon Nature Institute's purpose of Celebrating the Wonders of Nature is woven into our vision of creating a family of museums and parks dedicated to nature. This vision is fulfilled by eight objectives that support our mission:

Provide a guest experience of outstanding quality

Exhibit the diversity of wildlife

Preserve native Louisiana habitats

Educate our diverse audience about the natural world

Enhance the care and survival of wildlife through research and conservation

Provide opportunities for recreation in natural settings

Operate a financially self-sufficient collection of museums and parks

Weave quality entertainment through the guest experience


Bobby Jinkins

Friday, Aug. 3, 2018
Awesome experience! For adults and children. Walk as much as you can, but take the train also. You will get to see some things that you would not just walking around. You can get on and off the train at three different places. The carousel was fun too. The water park was pretty cool too. Float down that 'lazy river'. Have a great time here.

Jeannie Bourgeois

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Great place. Has a water park and lazy River for those hot summer days. Places to eat. Many things to see. Great for family outings. It is a bit pricey but they have annual memberships you can purchase that offer many benefits for not just the Zoo, but the water park as well and for the Aquarium of the America's and other great things. The membership price is very worth it if you visit here often. For non members, the price to do all those things costs much more than the annual membership, as we found out when we took our grandchildren and daughter there. We WILL be getting a membership. There is seating throughout the park for those of us who are disabled, periodic water fans throughout, also water drinking fountains. I bring my own water bottle with me and refill it at the fountains. They also sell water for $3, I'll bring my own thank you. Great place, educational, and fun.

Arian Thomas

Thursday, June 28, 2018
I love going to the zoo to see the animals. My highlight, of course, is getting a Roman candy and walking around throughout the entire area. I love the bat exhibit that they added, and it's nice to see the elephants in a new area. They even added an interactive painting simulator! It's cool to learn from the zoo staff who interact with the animals, too. They can tell the differences between the animals, discuss the eating and socialization patterns of the animals, and they enjoy talking about the open area exhibit and how much closer they are to an actual habitat. Some of the animals even follow them like the Alpaca who followed Ms. Melissa after walking in to get something. It was cute! 😍 If you can, I would recommend going in the spring or fall because it's not as hot and the animals are more playful and active. Mind you, they start hopping around during feeding time and show times. Great for pictures. Excited to see the new lion exhibit next year, and I hope some day a new hippo exhibit will return. I'm not sure if the camels and white Siberian tigers are still there. I didn't see them this time. Definitely worth your time, though. Bring cool drinks and comfortable walking shoes!

Lindsay Salassi

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018
Really neat zoo with tons of neat animals to see. It took about 2 hours just to get through a third of the zoo because it's so huge. My biggest complaint though for why I wouldn't rate it more than 3 stars is because so many of the animals' exhibits are way too small for the animals/amounts of animals they're holding. I really wish they would spend less money on the "Cool Zoo" and more money on expanding some exhibits for the animals

Mary J

Monday, July 30, 2018
Everyone had a fantastic time and all the staff was very pleasant! The kids enjoyed seeing all the animals and enjoyed feeding the ducks more! We are excited about the lions coming in 2019. The cool zoo looked pretty cool, too! We will back to do that on tomorrow. We even had a peacock pose for us!!! Lol Only wish there were a few more animals. We didn't see any giraffes...:-( bummer, but we still enjoyed...and after walking majority of the zoo, I sat down for a bit and watched the kids play at the park... Great family fun and it wasn't super crowded, to say that it's the summer time

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