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Adventure Quest Laser Tag

1200 S Clearview Parkway Suite 1106

Adventure Quest Laser tag is a fun team-based game where players aim futuristic looking phasers at lights on the vests of their opponents. A painless and completely harmless radio transmission from the phaser “tags” the lights on the opponents vests and scores points. The team with the most amount of tags wins the game. There are also bases located in our 6,000 square foot, multi-level arena that can be captured for points. We also have an observation deck where you can view the game! Each player can view their independent and their team score on a monitor outside the arena after the game.


Gage Brim

Sunday, April 22, 2018
Yeah, we had a blast and there was friendly staff and so much to do! Thanks guys for making a fun date night work! See you soon! I would suggest to everyone.

Jessica James

Saturday, May 19, 2018
I just had my son's 10th birthday party her and my son and his friends had a blast. I'd lau Hillary wad awesome abd made everything very easy and smooth. I can't wait to go back!!

Jonathan Cruz

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Good place for the family to have fun , I found prices for laser tag a lil high and the time to play too short until you run around for 12 minutes and come out of breath lol , staff was nice and the pizza reallyyyy good , give it a try you'll have fun

tajara riley

Saturday, March 31, 2018
Great customer service. I booked my nephew’s party I believe a week or a week and a half before his birthday since he really wanted to go to laser tag. We were under the impression of having 12 kids, but the day of his birthday and party (which was yesterday 03/30/18) everyone cancelled coming due to transportation issues. There were only 3 kids which included my nephew in the count to come overall. I was highly frustrated and could not figure out what to do also on top of being exhausted from work. I did not want to use the party room for only three kids and I also didn’t want to come out of pocket for the entire cost when no one was truly coming. I was also concerned whether my nephew would be upset being that 75% of his party goers cancelled. When I arrived, the party host approached me and wanted to go over everything. I was too tired and upset that all I wanted to do was sit at a table and relax my mind for the moment. I explained the situation to her and the manager. They were really sincere and helpful. They accommodated us so well that the kids had a lot of fun including my nephew. He was so happy that he didn’t care that mostly everyone cancelled. The adults even had a good time watching the Pelicans vs the Cavs game and then later playing games. Truth be told, I haven’t played games since I was a sophomore in high school which is 10+ years ago and I only played two games and had a blast. I felt like a kid all over again for the moment. I truly wish I could remember their names, but please forgive me for not doing so because I was extremely exhausted from the work week. In the end, I would really like to say thank you to the manager and my host for being understanding, allowing us to sit in the open seating area, not complicating the party what so ever, being very attentive, and making it so great that everyone enjoyed adventure quest overall (even when I did fall asleep for 2 mins from being tired from time to time).

Monique Gueringer

Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017
My kids love going here! There are so many activities that keep them entertained such as laser tag, bumper cars, miniature golf, the outdoor maze, Outdoor Rockwall climbing and the many arcade games! I have booked several parties here over the last few years and had an awesome time, everytime! The staff is super friendly and always very accommodating! They are also very generous with their fundraising for schools and other organizations. I have worked with them on several fundraising activities that have benefited my kids schools. I love the fact that they run specials when kids are out of school and on holiday's that keep kids entertained and for great prices! This is definitely one of my kids favorite places!!

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