Exhibition - Madame Johns Legacy

Friday, Aug 14, 2020


Colonial History 1721-1788
19th Century History 1813-1892
Private Ownership to Public Trust 1892-1947
How Madame John's Legacy Got Its Name
Table Of Ownership 1721-1947

Madame John's Legacy is a National Historic Landmark and a property of the Louisiana State Museum. Throughout its history the true stories of those families and individuals who owned or have been associated with this house and property are equaled only by the tenacious and colorful legends that have clung to it. The building that stands today was constructed in 1788, although a French colonist named Jean Pascal occupied and built other structures on this site as early as the 1720's. The house gained the name Madame John's Legacy in the late nineteenth century, after a character in George Washington Cable's story "‘Tite Poulette." With a history that stretches from the very beginning of colonial New Orleans through modern times, Madame John's Legacy is an excellent prism through which to explore the history of New Orleans and Louisiana.

This exhibit is organized chronologically focusing on the owner of the property. You can navigate through the history by using the Section links below left or view the history in table format by using the links below right.