Exhibition - Louisiana Aviation Since 1910

Friday, Aug 14, 2020


Early Aviation in Louisiana
-The 1910 New Orleans Aviation Tournament
-The Airmail Route
-Lindbergh Visits New Orleans

The Williams Family
-Harry P. Williams
-Marguerite Clark Williams

Jimmie and Walter Wedell
-Wedell-Williams Air Service
-The First Wedell-Williams Racers
-1931 Racing
-1932 New Racers
-Jim and Mary Haizlip
-Roscoe Turner
-1933 World Speed Record
-Shushan Airport
-Death of Jimmie Wedell
-Delgado Trade School
-Death of Walter Wedell and Harry Williams
-Delta, Eastern, and American in Louisiana
-Brigadier General Claire L. Chennault
-Transatlantic Helicopter Flight
-Patterson Airport